Chinese Censorship

This is a rude awakening ..

Being in China has its moments but honestly, nice views and amazing knock-offs doesn't really quality to the fact that it is still a communist country.

Although they claimed that to have some sort of freedom after the 1989 Tienanmen incident. Every God damn media here is censored like its Mother Theresa in a Porn film (no pun intended).

Magazines, Newspapers, Local TV, Cable TV and the Internet has been scrutinized and selected really carefully so not to upset anything in this country.

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I knew this thing existed when I got here but I can't believe it's like telling an adult that Santa Claus existed. It's really worse that I thought.

Just an example would be accessing Organization Sites .. I need to go through a proxy webby to open "non-chinese *.org sites" .

Certain international blog/video sites like Multiply, Live, Blogger, Friendster and Youtube (to name a few) are prohibited as well.


I found this website about a petition to the Chinese Media ..

"China Should Stop Media Censorship and Blockade to Save People's Lives

To: World Heath Organization (WHO) and International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

All the open societies in the world understand one clear principle: the relationship of media with government simply tells the degree of a government’s confidence, tolerance, transparency, and courage to invite public scrutiny. Media censorship, suppression and blockade will only allow the cover-up of corruption and malfunctions that happen in the past, present and future.

However, the practice of media censorship, suppression and blockade by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) does not merely lead to an ever-deteriorating systematic corruption. "

Shockingly, there has only been 1.5k signatures since 2005. *why doesn't this surprise me*

Here are some other stuff that I found:


How does China control the influence of foreign media?

China requires foreign correspondents to get permission before making reporting trips within the country and reporters often face harassment if they cover delicate issues.



This website tells it all, "" shows what's really happening..

The Olympic Black Jails

The "Olympic" version of Beijing did not feature any poor people. Part of some "economic miracle"? No, what really happened was that thousands of residents were removed for the Olympic makeover; dissidents were rounded up, 400,000 security officials patrolled the streets, and the usual petitioners were nowhere to be seen. Where had they gone? Many were illegally held in the "black jails."

What kind of jail is a black jail? Black jails officially do not exist, they are a sort of "off the books" jail. Authorities are known throw up to 30 people, including the old, sick and handicapped, into public buildings where they are held prisoner in miserable hygienic conditions, and where they are at times even subjected to violence. None of those imprisoned have been accused of any crime.


Curiosity never hurt anyone right? but it did kill the cat ..

poor me .. :(